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(Note that these instructions are for a Windows operating system. Before recording anything, please contact me and let me know which books you will be recording.  A list of books can be found here.)

Step 1: Purchase either a quality microphone for recording to your computer or a self contained recorder such as the Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder .  Read the documentation and learn to use it.  Recordings should be made in WAV format at 44KHz. 

Step 2: Download the software (you may use this free software or others such as NGWave or Nero 8, etc.) for recording and editing the files you will be creating, install it and become familiar with it or other software that you may already have on your computer. 

Keep Track v. 2.1 This software is for recording to a wav file. A WAV file is a very large file that will later be converted to an mp3 file by another program. Make sure the recording quality is set at the highest setting in stereo. To do this, click the Keep Track icon in the lower right hand of your computer on your task bar with your right mouse button. Move the arrow over "Options" and choose "Stereo 44KHz." Please note that using this, the highest setting, will take up quite a bit of space on your hard drive. Be sure that you have plenty of space free.

Next, check to be sure that your cord is plugged into the microphone input on your computer. Make sure that your recording settings on your computer are adjusted correctly. To get to the recording settings, double click on the little speaker icon in your task bar on the right of your computer screen. A window will pop up that says "Volume Control" in the left top corner of the window. Click on the "Options" menu and choose "Properties." Another window will pop up. In that window, choose "Recording" and click "OK." Now you will see the "Recording Control" window. Make sure the little box under "Microphone" is checked and the slider is set at approximately the second mark up. Close the "Recording Control" window. You may need to experiment to get it just right, but these are the settings that work best for me. After you have done this, you are ready to record. When you are ready to record, double click the Keep Track icon in the task bar and your program will begin the recording process. Next, begin reading into the microphone. Note that the volume of your microphone playback should be muted.  To do so follow these directions: Double click on the little speaker icon in the task bar in the right bottom corner of your computer screen and check the "Mute" box under "Microphone". When you are finished, click on the "Stop" button in the Keep Track window and then click the "Save" button. Name your file and choose where you want to save it. After it is saved, you may click the record button when you are ready to record the next chapter.

Audacity This program is used to edit the wav files you have created with Keep Track. Double click the Audacity icon on your computer's desktop. When the program opens, click on the "File" drop-down menu and choose "Open". Find the wav file you want to edit and double click on it to open it. Click the play button to play your file.  To delete a portion of the file, like silences etc. and the part you do not want, select that part and then press the delete key on your keyboard. If you make a mistake and want to undo it, press Ctrl + Z to undo your error. To zoom, select the portion you want to zoom too and then press the third magnifying glass on the right of the Audacity taskbar. To go back to the entire file view, press the fourth magnifying glass. Please be sure to normalize the volume after you have finished editing your file. To do this, click the "Effect" menu and choose "Normalize". Click OK. Finally, go to the "File" menu and choose "Export as Wav." Be sure to choose a name that is different from the file that your are currently editing. Be sure your file name has the chapter number in the file name and something to identify the book title you are working on. Please experiment with this software and read the help files to become familiar with its other features.

dBPowerAMP Music Converter This program is to convert your wav files to mp3 files. After you have installed this program onto your computer, find the wav files of each chapter that your are converting. Select all of them and then right click on the selected files. A menu will pop up. You will see an option that says, "Convert" select it and choose "Mp3 (Lame)" This will open the dBPowerAmp program. You can then choose your options for converting the files to mp3. Set the "Channels" to "Mono". Set the "Frequency" to "44100 Hz" and then choose whether you want to put the files in the same folder with the wav files or whether your want to put them in a different folder. If you choose a different folder, click "Browse" to choose your folder. When you’re done, set the "Bit Rate" at 64 Kbps by using the slider. To finish, click "Convert>>" It will take some time to convert the files depending on the speed of your computer. When you have finished all the above steps, please check your files to be sure that the sound is clear and undistorted. When you have finished the files, please email me at webmaster@truthfortheendtime.com to find out how you can send me the files. May God bless your work.

Copyright Advent Pioneer Books, P. O. Box 981, McMinnville, TN 37111 --(931) 314-9258



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