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Vers Jesus
 (Voix Féminine)
(French Steps to Christ - Female Voice)

(Voix Masculine - Eric Yakaman)
(Male Voice - Erick Yakam)

(French Desire of Ages)

La Tragédie des siècles
(French Great Controversy)

Christ et sa Justice
(French Christ and His Righteousness by E. J. Waggoner)

Conquérants Pacifiques
(French Acts of the Apostles)

Les Paraboles de Jésus
(French Christ's Object Lessons)

Patriarches et Prophètes
(French Patriarchs and Prophets)

Prophètes et Rois
(French Prophets and Kings)

Le Ministère de la Guérison
(French Ministry of Healing)

La Foi Vivante
(French Lessons on Faith)

Le Foyer Chrétien
(French Adventist Home)

(French Education)

Premiers Escrits
(French Early Writings)

Heureux Ceux Qui
(French Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings - Eric Yakama)

Christ et Sa Justice, par Ellet J. Waggoner
(French Christ and His Righteousness)

Bonnes Nouvelles, par Ellet J. Waggoner
(French Glad Tidings)